Sunday, September 30, 2012

Indie Gala 9 : 9 games for around 5$

c_res_worms-open-warfare-2-20070730052545281.jpg (350×348)

IndieGala 9 is out, and it's got loads of worms. Grab it here

If you have friends, you can get them for even less using the usual indiegala pattern :

The bundle will go on "happy hour" in around one week, and during happy hour, if you have purchased the bundle earlier, you can get 4 bundles for the price of 1, so you can do this :

1/ Buy the basic (1$) bundle with 2 games right now to be registered as an "early buyer"
2/ Wait for happy hour, buy a full gift during the happy hour using your gala account (Around 6$) and get 4 bundles to split with your friends.

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