Sunday, January 6, 2013

[Amazon] The Walking Dead 12.5$ (7.5$ with last year voucher if you still have some)

The Walking Dead

Good deal for those who still have those credits from ordering stuff in december (most of us I guess, given the amount of great deals amazon put for christmas), the walking dead for 7.5$ here

Sidenote : most of the purchases done after christmas also gave you a free pack of items for airmech and a free pack for adventure quest, just add them to your cart and they should be 0$. You can get airmech on steam, create an account and bind your airmech steam account to amazon to get the free stuff for it, you never know... and it's free :D Adventure quest is browser-only, nothing steam-related, but if you know someone who plays it, the pack includes 1000 "game coins" which is nice, and you can buy the same pack as many times as you want (you got 1 voucher / purchase after christmas, so you could get quite a few for free) and get +1000 coins every time (you can use the airmech package only once per acc).

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