Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Notes on THQ

For those who didn't follow, THQ had some big financial issues (that's why there's been so many sales on their products).

They've just been splitted, company will cease to exist and the licenses have been bought by other companies :

What does this mean ?

It will likely mean that since THQ will lose their rights on those games, most of those licenses will be removed from most online game stores since they will no longer have the right to publish those, and the new owners will have to make their own deals with distributors.

Some of those game could disappear from steam (at least temporarly) and maybe never come back (nobody  yet bought the Darksiders franchise, the same thing happened with Prey and the game never came back on Steam).

So if there's any THQ game you were planning to get, it might be a wise decision to hurry up.

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