Friday, January 18, 2013

[TIPS] Save more on your savings

We do advertise some great deals on a regular basis here, but here are some pro-tips that could get you even more savings on your savings for some of our most frequent retailers.

On GreenManGaming :
There is a referral program that gives you 2$ store credit after your purchase your first 2$ of games with your new account when you use one of our links. Sadly... that only works once per account. Need we say more ? :D

On : is charging taxes for states that require them to charge taxes, since it's digital distribution and they're sending you steam keys, you don't really need to put a real US adress to receive the goods. There are some states which charge 0% taxes, California and Delaware, so you can create an amazon account based in california or delaware and enjoy 0% taxed purchases :)

That's right, even more money saved !


  1. You can not use redeem codes or special discounts when buying Blue Coins.

  2. Oh they did changed this indeed, sorry, it was working last year, been doing it a lot :/

  3. i have other question how buy from amazon com if i have europe VISA card :c

  4. Well amazon won't reject your visa card because it's from europe. It's more that you need a card that can do some payments in $, but Amazon doesn't lock out european payments (I've been using my european visa card one amazon more than a few times)

  5. hmm but what type in adress :X i don't have anybody in US :c

  6. Use google maps, take a road in california in los angeles or san francisco for example, it's digital distribution, it's not like they will send you a package ;)