Thursday, February 28, 2013

[IndieBundle]The Full Steam Ahead

Price : 5$

Games :
Metal Drift
The Journey Down
Mayhem Intergalactic

Grab it here

[IndieRoyale] The Mash Bundle

Price : Around 5.5$ right now

Steam Games :
Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People
Guns of Icarus Online
Kung Fu Strike : The warrior's rise
Delve Deeper+Dlc

Grab it here

[FREE] Free Magicka DLC if you register your email

Paradox will sent free steam keys for the latest magicka DLC when it's released to everyone who's registered on this page

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[Amazon] Chaos a plenty pack

You can grab it here for 18.49$ or 13.87$ with CAGROCKS code if you haven't used it yet.

It contain steam keys for the following games :

Conflict: Denied Ops
Conflict Desert Storm
Just Cause 2
Just Cause 2: Agency Hovercraft DLC
Just Cause 2: Black Market Aerial Pack DLC
Just Cause 2: Monster Truck DLC
Just Cause 2: Rico's Signature Gun DLC
Just Cause
Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men
Project: Snowblind

[GreenManGaming] Forge 5.44$

Forge on PC screenshot #2

Grab it here and use GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS on it

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bioshock infinite preorder promos [amazon, gmg, gg]

BioShock Infinite (NA) on PC screenshot #7

There's a bioshock infinite pre-order event, and most retailers are offering something for it, so you can choose whatever offer suits you the best :

Amazon has it for 59.99$ with the following incentive :
Pre-order and get $30 worth of 2K Games credit ($15 now and $15 upon release March 26), plus "BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt" for Kindle and the "Industrial Revolution Pack" free

So you'll get 30$ worth of store credit that can be used only on 2K games, credits expire march 26 2014 so that's a while to use them, for the patient ones, this credit could actually net you quite a lot of games if we look at what 2K packs amazon has sponsored in the past (bioshock 1+2 + borderlands GOTY for 10$ for example), but you'll have to wait for sales on 2K games to spend them if you want to make the most of them.

Greenmangaming : 59.99$ as well
Here, you get immediate incentive with 14$ cashback (which you won't get until the release) or 15$ store credit immediatly, and on top of that, you also get bioshock 1 for free, and one game of your choice between : The Darkness 2, Mafia 2, Civ 5, Bioshock 2, Spec Ops (only one of those)

Gamersgate : 59.95$ (or 29.99£ on the UK shop if you manage to use it, which is cheaper given the rates, it's about 47$)
Gamersgate will give you 30% back as store credit (blue coins) + the usual 5%, if you do the maths that's actually 20 978 BLC meaning 21$ store value.
You also get a copy of bioshock for free with the purchase, but it would seem that this free copy of bioshock is not a steam key. You can also pick one extra game from the same list as GMG :  The Darkness 2, Mafia 2, Civ 5, Bioshock 2, Spec Ops (only one, all of them are registered as being steam keys, except spec ops)

Note that all the offers are "North America only" in theory, which means that you'll need a proxy to use greenmangaming and maybe to see the offer on gamersgate. As usual, amazon is supposed to be "north america" only anyway but they won't do anything to enforce it, you just need to provide some california or delaware us billing adress and they'll let you order any digital content.

The choice you have, and the choice is yours, but if you do ask us, if you're patient and want games, you might be able to get more value out of the amazon deal, they've featured 2K packs in the past that could net you a lot of games for those 30$ credits, you can see this post of us for reference, the 30$ mega pack did include those games last time (but again, now you might already have them) :

Bioshock 2
Borderlands GOTY
Duke Nukem Forever Complete (DNF+ both DLCs)
Mafia II
Civilization V GOTY
Civilization IV Complete
The Stronghold Collection

Some of you might have the "permanent" gamersgate extra 20% they gave at christmas when they failed to deliver a price error, for those of you who have it, the gamersgate might definitly be of interest money-wise.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

[Amazon] Farewell to February sales

The number of titles on sale is huge, so I'm not gonna list everything.

Keep in mind that it's amazon, not all games do activate on steam, when they do it's usually written somewhere on the page (search "steam"). Sometime you have to manually pick it because they sell different version, there are buttons written "PC DOWNLOAD" and "PC DOWNLOAD - Steam DRM" under the price, you have to pick steam manually.

You can access the main sale page here

You can use the voucher code CAGROCKS for an extra 25% on ONE item only ONE time, so choose well.

I will do my best to list some good steam-redeemable games here (keep in mind that you can get 25%off on top of those prices once):

Binary Domain 4.99$
Borderlands 2 Season Pass 22.49$
CoD 4 Modern Warfare 14.99$
Dark Souls : Prepare to die edition 14.99$
L.A Noire 9.99$
Mafia 2 11.47$
Max Payne 3 14.99$
Payday The Heist 4.99$
Spellforce 2 faith in destiny 4.99$
Stronghold 3 Gold 7.49$
Thief Deadly Shadows 4.49$
War of the roses 4.99$
XCOM : Ennemy Unknown 37.49$
Kung fu strike bundle 2.99$
Singularity 7.49$
Ticket to ride 2.99$
Inversion 4.49$ (Steam key activate in north america ONLY)
Dead Island GOTY 6.79$

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

[Bundle Stars] Bundle Stars 3, 8 games for 5$

A new bundle is located here actually averaging around 5$

List of steam games :
The whispered world
STORM Frontline Nation
Mata Hari
Cargo ! The quest for gravity
Crazy Machines Elements
Crazy Machines 2
Alter Ego

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[GreenManGaming] Borderlands 2 19.20$ (NA)

Borderlands 2 (NA) on PC screenshot #2

Grab it here and use this voucher at checkout : GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS

Sunday, February 17, 2013

[GreenManGaming] Scribblenauts Unlimited 12$

Scribblenauts Unlimited (NA) on PC screenshot #4

Price is only for north america it seems, it's located here
Use the voucher GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS

[GamersGate] Iversion 75% off

Grab it here (reports indicate key is for NA / global europe only, no germany or asia)

[Amazon] Weekend deal : Hitman and Sam&max

Hitman: AbsolutionSam and Max Bundle [Download]

Hitman Absolution for 16.49$ ( pro edition for 19.99$ here )
Sam & max bundle for 23.99$ (or season 1 / season 2 / season 3 for 10$ each if you don't want all 3)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

[Get Loaded] Bloody Valentine Pack

Get Games - Get Loaded

Yet another bundle, most of these games have been in better sales however, but there are a few combos that still might be interesting

This is a 72 hour deal. You can get two games for £8 / €10 / $12 (not 15 as in title) or all ten for just £38 / €48 / $58. Games are Steam unless otherwise stated below:

Hotline Miami
Borderlands GOTY
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
Mafia II
Super Meat Boy
F.E.A.R. 3
Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
Bioshock 2 (not Steam)Lucius (not Steam)
Borderlands is not available in Germany & Mafia II is not available in Hong Kong

[GamersGate] CIV 5 GOTY, Dead Island GOTY and a new voucher for Devil May Cry

Civ 5 Goty is 12.49$
Dead Island GOTY is 6.78$
Devil May Cry is 50$ - 30% = 35$ with this voucher at checkout DMC-30GG-FEB13

[Bundle Shower] The new Groupees AND the new indieroyale are out.

Busy day, two game bundles today :

The indieroyale here for around 5-6$ that includes steam games :
Serious Sam 3:BFE
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time

And the groupees bundle here, for 1$ min or 5$ full that includes :

Eschalon Book II
iBomber Defense Pacific
Party of Sin

Men of War: Assault Squad
Two Worlds 2
Planets Under Attack
Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes

[GreenManGaming] Max Payne 3 Full Pack 14$ (game only 11$) and Giana Sisters 4$

Max Payne 3: Complete Pack on PC screenshot #2

That's a great deal, best we've seen so far on "full" max payne 3.

Grab them here and remember to use the GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS voucher on them (and to buy them 1 by 1 if you intend to buy them both, vouchers apply on only 1 item at a time)

Giana Sisters 4$
Max Payne 3 Complete Pack 14$
Max Payne 3 base game only 11$

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[IndieGala Bundle] Colossus bundle

The Indie GalaColossus

Featured steam games :

For 1$ min : Darwinia
For 5.6$ : Multiwinia, Defcon, Uplink, hearts of Iron III, Demigod and a secret game next week.

Grab it here

[GMG] Hell yeah complete pack 4.7$

Hell Yeah Complete Pack on PC screenshot #3

Grab it here

and use the GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS voucher on it

Thursday, February 7, 2013

[GamersGate] Hotline Miami and Stealth Bastard Deluxe 50% off

Grab them here for 5$ each :

Stealth Bastard Deluxe
Hotline Miami

[GreenManGaming] Free games this week-end

Free games, not steam, but they might eventually become "tradable" later on which means you could redeem them on greenmangaming for free store credit ! (Which is always nice)

Pre-requisites :
A greenmangaming account, obviously
A playfire account
And then you have to link both accounts (it's done in the settings of either acc)

It will be 1 game / day starting friday 1200 GMT until monday.
First one will be Zombies
Then Ninja Blade
Then Unstoppable Gorg
and finally Superstar V8 Next Challenge

Digital Tribes Groupee Bundle

This will be up for about 3 days.

Steam Games:
1$ min: Section 8
3$ min: Hotel Giant 2 + Cargo Commander

When 2000 bundles have been sold, they'll throw in Roogoo (Steam), which is likely happening.