Thursday, February 21, 2013

[Amazon] Farewell to February sales

The number of titles on sale is huge, so I'm not gonna list everything.

Keep in mind that it's amazon, not all games do activate on steam, when they do it's usually written somewhere on the page (search "steam"). Sometime you have to manually pick it because they sell different version, there are buttons written "PC DOWNLOAD" and "PC DOWNLOAD - Steam DRM" under the price, you have to pick steam manually.

You can access the main sale page here

You can use the voucher code CAGROCKS for an extra 25% on ONE item only ONE time, so choose well.

I will do my best to list some good steam-redeemable games here (keep in mind that you can get 25%off on top of those prices once):

Binary Domain 4.99$
Borderlands 2 Season Pass 22.49$
CoD 4 Modern Warfare 14.99$
Dark Souls : Prepare to die edition 14.99$
L.A Noire 9.99$
Mafia 2 11.47$
Max Payne 3 14.99$
Payday The Heist 4.99$
Spellforce 2 faith in destiny 4.99$
Stronghold 3 Gold 7.49$
Thief Deadly Shadows 4.49$
War of the roses 4.99$
XCOM : Ennemy Unknown 37.49$
Kung fu strike bundle 2.99$
Singularity 7.49$
Ticket to ride 2.99$
Inversion 4.49$ (Steam key activate in north america ONLY)
Dead Island GOTY 6.79$

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