Tuesday, March 19, 2013

[Amazon Update] Improved Bioshock Infinite rewards

First, if you already got this, it applies, you will receive your extra game.

If you don't, here's the update information :

If you preorder bioshock infinite from amazon here,

You get 30$ bonus credit towards any other 2K games valid for 1 year (except the bioshock infinite products and other 2K preorders), that was already the case before, but now you also get (just like steam) an extra copy of XCOM : Ennemy Unknown.

This was added as the form of a full credit valid only on X-COM, cf this information from the marketing manager :

"We have added XCOM: Enemy Unknown to the Amazon Bioshock Infinite Pre-order offer (Digital). Customers who pre-order Bioshock Infinite will get: A credit good towards the full price of XCOM, usable only on XCOM, in addition to the $30 credit towards more 2K games, when the game launches."

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