Monday, April 14, 2014

[Steam Keys] Websites that could get you free steam games

Everyone knows steamgifts, but that's just in case. It is based on user contributions (but there are a lof of users, and a lot of contributions).
It's mostly luck, you have a total amount of points to spend that rises when people add new games, it's capped at 300 (you can expect it to reach 300 every day most of the time).
I'd say that right now you're looking at around 2000 average entries for most games, so the odds are not really in your favor, but it's free and it's quick.

Another "enter to win" website, cap is at 50 points, you earn 1 point / hour with the basic account. Less known, there's a lot less of games than on steamgifts, but also less contestants.
The main difference here is that aside from "random" drawings, you can also play "mixed" or "score" drawing that let you play some flash game and gives you higher chances based on your score (or even give the game to the #1 score for the game mode), which gives you an advantage if you're good at those.
You're still looking at a lot of entries before winning anything.

Tremor Games
No randomness here, this website has a "reward shop" that does include a lot of steam games, some being quite accessible in "tremor coins" (bundle games for example)
To earn coins, you have to visit the site and play various flash games to get achievements that will reward you with some points. Some of them are actually quite nice, and some, well... (be careful, some flash games have in game options to let you buy stuff for tremor coins)
The upside here is that there's no luck involved, if you go there on a regular basis, your coins will go up, and you will eventually be able to buy a game, and you will be able to choose it, that's refreshing.

Latest of the "steamgifts contestants", this one is held by the guys managing the indiegala bundle. It's interesting because when you register you do get a shitload of points if you already have many steam games, but after that, the point regeneration is quite dull (if you're under 3000 points, you'll be reset to 3000 every day).
Could be a good idea to just register and blast your big points on some expensive giveaways with low participants to score something anyway, and then you'll see about coming back later.

Note : Steamgifts, playblink and galagiveaways will require you to own a steam account with a minimum value of games on it to register (to prevent cheating). Tremor doesn't care about your steam account since it will reward you with keys for your tremor coins that you can input in steam.


  1. I learned about tremorgames from your post, and its super easy to get coins to buy games if you go to the 'special offers' section. Playing games nets you about 5 coins an hour, where you can bank 500 coins at once for signing up for some emails or doing a few surveys, which takes about 10 minutes. Since I saw your post on Tuesday until today, I've been able to net about a dozen games. Thanks for the awesome info!

    I also noticed that they have the humble bundle games on their site for points after a short delay, about a week or two it seems.

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