Thursday, June 27, 2013

[GamersGate] Excellent price on dark souls and total war empire collection

You can use the new gamersgate code for an extra 7% off at checkout : "derp"

Edit : The 7% code was just a 7 hours thing, and it's now over :(

This makes purchasing dark souls with blue coins through UK store 8.5$ (+ you get 425 coins back for purchase), which is a great price for it.

Dark Souls (US store) 11.9$ / 11990 bluecoins
Dark Souls (UK store) 9150 bluecoins [9.15$]
Empire total war collection US Store 7.49$ (7490 bluecoins)
Empire total war collection UK Store 7623 bluecoins [7.63$]

[Amazon] Borderlands Bundleganza 22$

A great borderlands bundle on amazon : Borderlands 2 + Season pass + Borderlands GOTY for 22$

Has to be one of the best prices for borderlands 2 + season pass yet.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[More Bundles] IndieRoyale & IndieGala + new games in HIB Android 6

The new indieroyale is out here ~5$ gets you :
-Sniper Elite V2
-Gatling Gears
-Judge Dredd : Dredd vs Death

Also the humble android bundle 6 just got 3 new games, if you already purchased it, you have them on your profile :
-Mc Pixel
-Waking Mars

And the indie gala june bundle is having happy hours
The full tier is around 6.6$ and gets you :
-Pirates of the black cove
-Sword of the stars complete
-Sword of the stars 2 enhanced edition
-Aquanox 2
-Painkiller Overdose
-Star Ruler
-Edna and Harvey
-A new beginning final cut
-Crusader Kings complete

[Amazon] Dead Island Riptide 14.99$ (NORTH AMERICA ONLY)

Those keys are region restricted to NORTH AMERICA.

Grab it here

[GamersGate] Tomb Raider 66% off (around 16$)

Makes the game ~16$
Use "" as a voucher to get an extra 5%

UK Shop link, cheaper if you buy with blue coins
US Shop link

[GreenManGaming] Quantum Conundrum Season pass 3.39$

Quantum Conundrum: Season Pass on PC screenshot #3

Get it here (no voucher available on this one)

Borderlands 2 10$

Don't be afraid by the "mac version", borderlands 2 is a steamworks game, all keys unlock both PC and MAC versions on your steam acc'.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bundle Summary for this week

Here are the most recent bundles released :

Groupees "build a bundle 6"

0.75$ a game, steam-redeemable in the list are :
Space ark
Numen: Contest of Heroes
Off-Road Drive
Dynamite Jack

Those 2 are waiting on greenlight for now :
Aeon Command

Indie Royale Chosen Bundle 2 (this is a repeat of the former really big bundle) ~5$

Games in the bundle are
Really Big Sky
Runespell: Overture
Cthulhu Saves the World
Breath of Death VII

Humble Android Bundle 6

1$ gets you
Organ Trail
Stealth Bastard Deluxe

BTA also gets you
Frozen Synapse
Broken Sword director's cut

The 1$ android bundle is quite good for the value.

[Amazon] Square Enix Bundle

For 19.99$, this pack includes 4 great games from square enix (latest hitman, deus ex, sleeping dogs and just cause 2 [+1 of its DLC])

Friday, June 7, 2013

IndieRoyale arclight bundle

The new indieroyale Arclight bundle is here !

For around 5$ this one gets you :
AI War: Fleet Command
AI War: The Zenith Remnant
AI War: Children of Neinzul
AI War: Light of the Spire
AI War: Ancient Shadows
AI War: Vengeance of the Machine (not on steam... yet, it will most likely be added as soon as it's steam released)
A Valley Without Wind
A Valley Without Wind 2
Shattered Haven

Humble bundle weekly : Serious sam edition

Humble Weekly Sale

This week in the humble bundle weekly : Serious sam !

1$ gets you 1st/2nd encounter HD, random encounter and double D, and above average (~4.5$) adds serious sam 2 and serious sam 3 to the deal.

[GMG] Game deals

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (NA) on PC screenshot #4

A few sales actually on at greenmangaming :

Remember to use GMG20-JLKSA-7A8HA at checkout to get the 20% discount.

Civ V Gold 10$
Dark Souls 14.99$
Lego Batman 2 6$
Stealth bastard deluxe 4$

Skyrim Legendary Edition -25%


You can get a code through here for 44.99$

Note : It took almost 15 hours to process our purchase, and the buying site definitly could look better. Also they took 1$ paypal to "verify account" and that $ is still in process.

(Summer sale is coming, if you're not too impatient it's quite likely you'll get this at this price on steam directly)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

[Amazon] Batman packs

Batman Arkham GOTY dual pack 11.99$
Lego Batman dual pack 11.99$

[Amazon] Indie store grand opening

Amazon is opening an indie section and is having sales to celebrate this !

When you buy any game from the indie store this week, you receive amazon credit to get a free copy of :

Huntsman : The Orphanage (Announced as steam, the game has been greenlit recently, it's a pre-order)
Dynasty of dusk (not steam)
The curse of the nordic cove (not steam)

Edit : Right now, huntsman is 66% off preorder, and you get credit for the full value, so you can actually preorder the game 3 times using your credit. Not sure how long it will last or if it will be honored, but you could be getting 3 copies of the game for free :)
In the same way, the curse of the nordic cove is 75% off so you could actually buy it 4 times for free.

Highlights :
If you only want the free games (to get huntsman pre-order for example) you can just pick anything super-cheap in the indie store like Section 8 - 1.24 to get the credits.

FTL: Faster Than Light - 4.99 is a great indie roguelike, already had a lot of success
Stealth Bastard Deluxe - 4.99
Stealth Bastard Deluxe: The Teleporter Chambers - 1.49

Indie quintet bundle (5 games for 9.99$)

Note : The free games will change every week :
"From June 6-10 Amazon are giving away Huntsman: The Orphanage, Dynasty of Dusk, and The Curse of Nordic Cove with any purchase from the Indie Games Store. On 11 June those 3 games will change. And on 17 June they'll change again. And again. (So you might want to space out your purchases)"

Full list of steam-drm registered games in the offer (not all of them are on a big sale)