Thursday, June 27, 2013

[GamersGate] Excellent price on dark souls and total war empire collection

You can use the new gamersgate code for an extra 7% off at checkout : "derp"

Edit : The 7% code was just a 7 hours thing, and it's now over :(

This makes purchasing dark souls with blue coins through UK store 8.5$ (+ you get 425 coins back for purchase), which is a great price for it.

Dark Souls (US store) 11.9$ / 11990 bluecoins
Dark Souls (UK store) 9150 bluecoins [9.15$]
Empire total war collection US Store 7.49$ (7490 bluecoins)
Empire total war collection UK Store 7623 bluecoins [7.63$]

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