Monday, July 29, 2013

Bundle news : IndieGala/IndieRoyale/Groupees

Some bundles are running right now :

The latest indieroyale only features one steam game ( Dead Pixels ) and a bunch of greenlight games. Might be worth looking if any of those interest you, but at this price, it's not really worth it for dead pixels alone.

Groupees has the adventure role-playing bundle :
It's a build your own bundle at 0.75$ / game, 2 games minimum right now. Some featured games in the choices are steam-redeemable :
Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!
Rune Classic

Indiegala has a summertide bundle, which works with awfully complex tiers & unlocks as usual :
Tier 1 doesn't have any steam keys.

Tier 2 (3.83$) has :
Space Pirates and Zombies
Exceed : Gun Bullet children
Exceed 2nd : Vampire Rex
Aura: Fates of the ages
Unknown unlock (steam)

Tier 3 (6.32$) adds to tier 2:
Exceed 3 : Jade penetrate black package
Trainz Simulator 12 (+ a dlc)
PainKiller : Recurring Evil
Another unknown unlock (steam)

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