Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[GreenManGaming] This 6 hours deals

The new batch of deals is out. It's a "2$ credit / purchase" one. One of the game (Rotastic) is 1.99$ so you can get unlimited copies of it for free now... not sure if this is intended or not. (use 2$ credit on it when you buy it and you'll get 0.01 back)

Remember, 1 purchase at a time to get 2$ every time.

Rush Bros 2.99$
The Cave 1.74$
Rotastic -0.01$
Sniper Elite 0.99$
Sniper Elite V2 12.99$ (cheaper at indieroyale)
Sniper Elite V2 Kill Hitler DLC 1.99$
Sniper Elite V2 The Landwerh Canal DLC 0.49$
Sniper Elite V2 The Neudorf DLC 0.49$
Sniper Elite V2 The St Pierre DLC 0.49$
Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 5.49$
Worms Ultimate Mayhem 1.74$

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