Friday, August 2, 2013

Double dose of humble

There is both a new Humble Bundle and a new humble weekly out.

The humble deep silver bundle features :

1$ (one key for all games)
Saint Rows 2
Saint Rows 3
Risen 2
Sacred 2 Gold

5+$ (one key for all bonuses)
Dead Island GOTY
Saint Row 3 All DLCs

25$ Dead Island Riptide

Bonus should be unveiled later, according to some steam database entries, they're likely to be
Metro 2033
Sacred Citadel
They will only be awarded to the BTA buyers after they are unveiled, but they will be given to everyone who has bought a 1$ bundle before that.

The humble weekly bundle features:
King's bounty the legend
King's bounty armored princess
Men of war
Men of war red tide

King's bounty crossworlds
Men of war assault squad

1 comment:

  1. the bonus will be 3 games according to the steam database:
    Metro 2033
    Sacred Citadel