Thursday, August 29, 2013

More bundles

Things have been quiet lately, and it seems like people decided to release everything together.

Here's two new bundles :

The last humble bundle weekly featuring for 1$ minimum:
Europa Universalis 3 Complete
War of the roses : Kingmaker
Warlock : Master of the arcane
Leviathan : Warships
The showdown effect

BTA (currently about 6$) has an extra key to magicka and crusader kings

BTA is not very interesting here, but the 1$ bundle is great.

According to most of those games will have trading cards (some of them already do) so it is very likely that you can get your money back on steam wallet with those cards, excellent value !

Groupees just released Capsule Computers Bundle :

Two Tiers :
Super Sanctum TD (Steam)
Cognition episode 1 : The hangman
Three dead zed (Greenlight)
Transcripted (Written as steam, seems the game is not for sale on steam store anymore, but it has been)
Spacechem (Steam)
Swords and soldiers HD (Steam)
Pressure (Steam)
Lost Marbles (Greenlight)

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