Friday, September 27, 2013

[Greenmangaming] Batman deals

Use the coupon GMG20-WS93W-R39MD at checkout to get those prices.

[Amazon] WB Creative Pack (Lego LOTR + Scribblenauts)

Amazon has a new pack today :

Lego LOTR + Scribblenauts 12.49$

This pack will also provide you with a 5$ promo credit valid towards the preorder of the latest Batman: Arkham Origins.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

[Steam] Free Saint Rows 4 DLC today only (you can grab it even without owning the game)

St Rows 4 has a "GAT V" DLC that is free today only here, you can try to install it and it will register it in your account even if you don't have st rows 4, you'll have it for later if you eventually acquire the game ;)

[Amazon] Square Enix Gamer Bundle

Amazon has a new bundle :
Square Enix Gamer's Bundle14.99$

Deux EX HR Augmented Edition
Hitman Absolution Pro Edition
Sleeping Dogs
Just Cause 2 + a DLC

Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Groupees] Be mine special edition

And there's also a new groupees bundle, "special edition", found here

1$ gets you :
Tower wars
MacGuffin's Curse
Ravaged - Zombie apocalypse

5$ also adds :
Hamilton + DLCs
Krater collector edition
zombie driver HD.

All those games have steam cards, the 1$ bundle has an insane value since you will most likely able to get that $ back on steam cards.

[Amazon] Great hitman pack, and papo & yo sale.

Amazon has (for once) built a great new pack at a great price on all the hitman games :

Hitman take care of business pack 8.99$ (best value seen so far on all the hitman games if you don't already have them)
They also have papo & yo for sale at 4.25$

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another round of GMG packs

GMG has another round of packs.

Remember to use GMG20-8MUTY-M21VN for an extra 20% off those prices

Hell Yeah Collection 4.87$
Lego Complete Pack 28.97$
Magicka collection (NOT the full collection, check the includes list in store) 4.99$
A game of dwarves Pack 5.24$
Alien Spidy Pack 3.49$

[StackSocial] Borderlands 2 11.99$

Another deal aimed at mac owners, but because it's steam games, we don't care and the game can still be activated on any PC :)

Borderlands 2 for 11.99$ here

Humble Indie Bundle 9

HIB returns for its ninth edition.

You can get it here and get :

1$ minimum :
Trine 2 Complete
Mark of the ninja
Brutal Legend

BTA (currently 4.5$)
Faster than light

Please note a few chance in the rules, before, you used to get the second week bonus games if you already purchased the bundle in the first week, even for 1$, now only the people who paid BTA (even in the first week) will get the bonus games.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Humble Weekly Sale

The new weekly sale is up :

Humble Weekly Sale

Including for 1$ :
AI War: Fleet Command + DLC
A valley without wind 1+2

And "above average" (5.8$)
Shattered Haven
Skyward Collapse + Nihon no Mura DLC

Note : Since the last bundle, hib has officially changed their way of calculating "average" from being the average of the ongoing bundle to being the average since the beggining of the bundles, which means that the average will move veeeery slowly (expect it to be around 5.8$ forever, unless they change the calculation back)

[GMG] Gun Monkeys special voucher

GMG has a special 30% voucher on gun monkeys: GMG30-FYBJP-MSOA5 for 30% off the 6$ base price.

Gun Monkeys 5.99

 Note : when you activate this key, you get a second game in the form of a steam gift in your inv for a friend. Game has trading cards (worth ~0.5$), and if you play a game and no one joins your server for a while, the game will give you extra steam key as said in (limit 3 it would seem), so you might end up with a lot of keys for this game with a single purchase.

[GMG] Value packs

GMG has a lot of packs going up right now :

Square published packs (no voucher)
Best Square Pack 23.74
Deus Ex Pack 11.23
Hitman Pack 11.99
Legacy of kain pack 5.24
Square Action Pack 25.97
Thief Pack 5.74
Tomb Raider Pack 29.47

Other packs (voucher GMG20-8MUTY-M21VN for an extra 20% off displayed price)
Codemasters catalogue pack 11.23
Fatshark pack 7.73
Operation Flashpoint pack 7.49
Sanctum Pack 10.72
Sega Classics Pack 18.73
Skydrift pack 3.61
Spellforce complete pack 12.49
Stellar impact bundle 2.99
Strike Suit Pack 13.49
Best Daedalic pack 34.98
Digital tribe game pack 24.11
Postal+Postal2 Pack 3.74
Double fine bundle 16.99
Worms Collection 21.24
Ronimo Game Collection 13.35
Crusader Kings 2 Collection 19.99
Killing Floor complete Pack 12.49
Duke Nukem Platformer pack 4.99
Omerta city of gangsters pack 13.74
Aliens vs predator collection 5.99
Darksiders 2 + Season pass 17.49

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Free Zeno Clash key + Coupon on Zeno Clash 2 (NA Only ?)

Alienware is giving away free keys that unlock Zeno Clash + give you a coupon of 33% off zeno clash 2 (that might stack with discounts in the next sales)

You can get one here

Note : This might be for north america only, and the alienware servers are being stressed right now so it is quite hard to reach the redeem page.
Note 2 : If you already have zeno clash, you won't be able to redeem the key and get the coupon, you'll have to use the key on another acc / give it to a friend and then trade the coupon back.