Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[Free] Wadjet Games for halloween

1. Go to
2. Add Blackwell deception to cart
3. Use discount code "Boo" to reduce the price to 0$
4. Enjoy

Note : This is supposed to be a free steam key to blackwell deception, but right now it does activate the full wadjet collection (might be a mistake), so that's a huge load of free :)

Edit : Ah well it seems it was a mistake :D

This might come back with only blackwell deception instead of the full pack however, stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bundle Updates

Here's a new bunch of bundles for halloween :

Groupees Bundle of the damned 2 ( 1$ )

Lucius, Burn Zombie Burn

HiB Weekly Cipher Prime

1$ : Splice, Fractal
6$ adds : Auditorium

Bundle Stars Sim Bundle ( 4$ )

Trainz Simulator 12, IL2-Sturmovik 1946, Euro Truck Simulator, GT Legends, Agricultural Simulator 2011, Air Conflicts, Secret Wars, GTR FIA GT, Rig 'n Roll, Trainz Simulator Murchison 2

Indie Royale Mumbo Jumbo bundle (~5$)

Luxor 2 HD, Angelica Weaver catch me when you can, 7 wonders ancien alien makeover, Midnight Mysteries 4, Pickers, Glowfish

[GMG/GG] Rise of the Triad / Renegade Ops collection

On GMG, using the GMG20-50Z66-SCTEU voucher :
Rise of the triad 6$

Renegade Ops Collection 4.25$

[Amazon] Don't starve, condemned and cliver barker's jericho

On Amazon now :

Don't Starve 7.49$
Condemned Criminal Origins 3.69$
Clive Barkers Jericho 1.49$

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[GG] Hell Yeah ! Collection 4.87$

Hell Yeah ! Collection 4.87$ at for another 12 hours.

[GMG] Deals on FEAR and THIEF

Remember to use GMG20-IWGQX-41IS1 at checkout to get the extra discount (buy games 1 by 1 if you plan to get several)

FEAR Pack 9$
Thief Gold 1.5$
Thief 2 The Metal Age 1.5$
Thief Deadly Shadow 1.8$

[Amazon] Last days for batman origins preorder : free dlc + free game + 10$ amazon credit

The new batman game is releasing Friday, and so far the best preorder offer is definitly amazon's one :

The game is at 49.99$ just like on steam, you do get the preorder DLC's, you also get a 10$ amazon credit back, and a free copy of Mortal Kombat Collection

Batman : Arkham Origins 49.99$

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Free Mafia 2 or Civilization V at GMG

GMG is giving away free copies of Mafia 2 or Civ V for people who vote.

The validation takes a while (min 24H), but here are the steps :

Step 1 Sign up at CVG
Step 2 Sign up at GMG

(Accounts have to be based on the same email it seems)

Step 3 Vote at CVG with you account (no need to vote in all categories)
Step 4 Register for the game you want at GMG

At this point you should get a confirmation email that says :

Thank you for voting in the Golden Joysticks 2013. Please confirm your email address below to receive your free game (in association with 2K Games).

There's a link in the email that will get you the mail, but it takes a while to activate, at first you will most likely get

Looks like you haven’t voted yet.
Thank you for your interest, however, in order to take advantage of this free game offer you need to go and vote for your favourite games in the Golden Joystick 2013 Awards.

Wait about 24 hours and try the link again, you should receive your key to the game you picked.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A new bunch of bundles

Not one, not two, not three, not four, but five, five new bundles that came out.

Here's a quick summary :

Humble Bundle w/ Android 7
1$ = Ticket To Ride, Greed Corp, Incredipede, Anodyne
6.20+$ adds Worms Reloaded, The Bard's Tale

Groupees Build a Doujin Bundle 2 (0.75$ / game, 2 games min)
Only Exceed 2 and Exceed 3 are steam for now.

The Indie Royale Birthday Bundle
About 5$ for Cities in motion 2, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Impire, Perfection and a mystery game.

The Flying Bundle
1$ = Beep, Bob Came in Pieces, Garsharp the Monster Slayer
3.5+$ adds Clones, Garsharp Temple of the Dragon, Ittle Dew, The Polynomial - Space of the music

Bundle Stars Bloodbath Bundle
Around 2.5$ for Clutch, Necrovision, Necrovision Lost Company, the Void, Zombie Bowl-o-Rama

[GMG] Bioshock Infinite 10.87$

BioShock Infinite (NA) on PC screenshot #1

GMG has Bioshock Infinite 66% off, and a 20% off voucher that goes on top of it : GMG20-7EKXF-UTQXX

Thursday, October 10, 2013

[Amazon] Tomb Raider and SF X Tekken

Amazon currently has :

Tomb Raider for 9.99$
Street Fighter X Tekken for 7.49$ (or 14.99$ for the complete pack including all DLCs)

[GamersGate] Jet Set Radio 1.25$

GamersGate has jet set radio for a little over a dollar.

Jet Set Radio 1.25$

Current Bundles Summary

Here are the currently ongoing bundles. (Humble Focus Weekly 1$ is excellent, everything else is quite average)

Indie Gala October

For 1$ :

Mystery game unlocked in week2

For 4.9+$ (price will rise according to what they say) :

Fayri Bloom Freesia
Gorky 17
Knights of Pen and Paper
Two worlds 2 + Pirates of the flying fortress DLC
Crusader Kings 2
Ether Vapor Remaster
Mystery game unlocked in week2
Mystery game unlocked in week2

Humble Focus Weekly Sale

For 1$ (one key for all games):

Cities XL Platinum
Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition
Divinity II: Developer's Cut
R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War
Game of Thrones

For 6+$ (one key for both games) :

Wargame: European Escalation
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Groupees Build-a-Casual bundle 0.75$ / game, 1 game minimum (for now)

Steam choices :

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time
Luxor Evolved
Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena

Groupees Build-a-1C mega bundle 0.50$ / game, 2 game minimum (for now)

Steam choices :

Theatre of War
Theatre of War 2 : Afrika 1943
Theatre of War 2 : Kursk + DLC
Theatre of War 3 : Korea
Fantasy Wars
Rig n Roll
King’s Bounty : The Legend
King’s Bounty : Armored Princess
Men of War
Men of War : Vietnam
Men of War : Assault Squad GOTY
Star Wolves 1
Star Wolves 2
Star Wolves 3 : Civil War
UFO Afterlight
Death Track Resurrection

Bonus with every purchase :

Men of War : Red Tide DLC
Death to Spies : Gold