Thursday, October 17, 2013

Free Mafia 2 or Civilization V at GMG

GMG is giving away free copies of Mafia 2 or Civ V for people who vote.

The validation takes a while (min 24H), but here are the steps :

Step 1 Sign up at CVG
Step 2 Sign up at GMG

(Accounts have to be based on the same email it seems)

Step 3 Vote at CVG with you account (no need to vote in all categories)
Step 4 Register for the game you want at GMG

At this point you should get a confirmation email that says :

Thank you for voting in the Golden Joysticks 2013. Please confirm your email address below to receive your free game (in association with 2K Games).

There's a link in the email that will get you the mail, but it takes a while to activate, at first you will most likely get

Looks like you haven’t voted yet.
Thank you for your interest, however, in order to take advantage of this free game offer you need to go and vote for your favourite games in the Golden Joystick 2013 Awards.

Wait about 24 hours and try the link again, you should receive your key to the game you picked.

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