Thursday, November 21, 2013

[Amazon] Black Friday 2013 is coming !

Amazon Black Friday 2013 sales has started.

There is a huge list of discounts for PCDD, here's an early version of the list of every single sale that's happening between now and the end of the sale : FULL LIST HERE (use your browser search feature to find specific games)

UPDATE it gets even better with free credit to buy more games in january, buy any game now (any value, confirmed by the rep') and get a 5$ credit in january (you can't stack credit togethers, i.e you can't buy a 30$ game with 6 * 5$ credits, but you can buy 5 1$ games with 1 5$ credit for exemple) It -might- be a good idea to buy a few very cheap items like the 0.5$ DLC's to get a bunch of more games in january :))

From now through December 31, 2013, purchase anything from the Digital Games Store and get a $5 promotional credit to spend in the month of January on our Editor's Choice Best Games of 2013 (Editor's Choice titles will be selected in the coming weeks). Customers will receive a $5 promotional credit for each qualifying purchase, but the promotional credits cannot be stacked on top of each other when they are used. Customers who qualify for this promotional credit will receive the notification e-mail on or within 48 hours after January 3, 2014. Please remember: Holiday promotional credits given out for Digital Games purchases cannot be redeemed until January, 2014.


The full list is not filtered by "steam only" drm so remember to check the amazon store page, if the game redeems on steam, it has "DRM: Steam" written somewhere, usually at the top of the page.

I will try to make a smaller cleaner version of the list with steam-only entries, but there's almost 2000 items on sale.

Not all the sales are active at the same time, the first column is the start date, the second column is the stop date.

Highlights of the sale (will update with more):
BioShock Triple Pack - 14.99

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