Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bundle Updates

We have another load of bundles active right now !

First, the very amazing Humble Warner Bundle, which might be the best thing since the humble thq & ea bundles.

Humble WB Bundle
1$ : Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY, FEAR 2, FEAR 3, Lord of the rings war in the north
Over 4.7$ adds Batman Arkham City GOTY and Scribblenauts Unlimited

Also from humble, this week's humble weekly
1$: Edna & Harvey, A new beggining, The whispered world
Over 6$ adds Deponia, Journey of a roach and The Dark Eye, chains of satinav

Indie Royale has another debut bundle, no steam games here -yet-, but for greenlight lovers there's quite a few games.

The indie gala "dirt" bundle (with only one dirt game)
1$ The 39 Steps, Lucius, Star Wolves 3
Over 4.5$ adds Alien Spidy, Dollar Dash, Dirt 2, Bang Bang Racing, Hard Reset
With the promise of more games next week

The flying moonrise bundle
1$ Dinner Date, Foreign Legion Buckets of Blood
4$ adds DIVO, Foreign Legion Multi Massacre, Lightfish, Plain sight

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