Monday, April 14, 2014

[Free GMG Store Credit Program] Playfire Rewards

You might have already heard of it, but since GMG and Playfire merged in a single entity, there is a beta program called PlayFire rewards that rewards your with GMG store credit for playing specific games and getting specific achievements.

You can find more information here, you will need a GMG account and a playfire account obviously (which you most likely have if you've participated in one of their free game distribution), and to link your steam account to your playfire account to track your games.

Usually they post rewards every day in the week, + one set of rewards for the week-end, directly on their blog. In those post you can see which achievements you're supposed to get and how much money you'll get if you do. You usually have about a week to clear them, so be sure to check on a regular basis to see which games are active.

Rewards can usually take a day or two to appear on your GMG account.

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  1. Something to keep in mind about this:

    - the system is still incredibly buggy, so valid rewards are not always awarded
    - the game achievements and the "play for the first time" requirements necessary for the rewards only count if you get them while the reward week is active. That means that if you already have the achievements, or already played the game once before, they wont count on playfire.