Tuesday, May 6, 2014

NBA 2K14 for as low as 2.5$ (7.5$ regular sale for everyone)

The game is on sale for 7.5$ at amazon.
But if you have old promotions stacked on your amazon account (if you've bought items during previous sales, it is quite likely you have), then you might still have a 2K games 5$ off coupon that applies to this laying around, making the game 2.5$ which is a great deal ! In order to check you have to add the game to your cart, if it shows "Coupons and promotions -5.00$" and the total is 2.5$, then you had a coupon linked to your account, if it shows 7.5$, then you don't, there are no extra steps required.
 NBA 2K14 7.5$

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